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Fan Club & Contests

Hello Beautiful People,

BENCADENC is conducting continuous giveaway contests of FOUR levels for my fans & friends. The contests are designed in such a way that they will create interest in their participation. Each contest carries genuine, high demanding and noteworthy prizes. Collect as many prizes as you can and grow as BENCADENC grows:

A] BENSPOT (Daily Contest-Weekly Awarding)

Eligibility: All individuals are welcome.

Frequency: Daily

How to Participate:

  1. There will be 2 very simple questions asked in beginning or end of the each video;
  2. A participant need to answer all 2 questions correctly;
  3. All answers are to be entered on this website where place is given for;
  4. Watch 7 videos continuously for 7 days and submit the reply to 7 questions.

Rules to Win:

  1. Top 3  correct answers will be declared winners for the week. If there are more than 3 correct answers in that particular week then only 3 winners will be selected on random basis.
  2.  Winners addition to 3 randomly selected final winners to have no rights to claim prizes and request BENCADENC. ONLY 3 RANDOMLY SELECTED WINNERS ARE ENTITLED TO WIN THE CONTEST.
  3. Winner participants can re-participate in any number of next contests.
  4. Since money nor any mode of payment cannot be transferred to the winners, the only way is that we may buy BC membership or Robux for you at our end.


Giveaway/Prize Value:

  1. Roblox BC Membership of value USD $5.99 each to all 3 randomly selected winners on weekly basis. (FOR THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE ROBLOX PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP)
  2. Robux equivalent to USD $5.99 each to all 3 randomly selected winners on weekly basis. (FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ROBLOX PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP)


B] BENWHIZZ (Weekly Contest)

Yet to start


C] BENHUNT (Monthly Contest)

Yet to start

P.S. None of the contests has yet started. We are preparing to conduct these contests very shortly. Keep tracking the website and  YouTube channel.